Mid-Summer, Mid-Trip, Mid-Coast Maine!

Middle of summer, middle of this trip, middle of Maine! 

“Midcoast Maine” is consistently listed as a Top Ten Destination in travel guides and websites.

It’s a conglomeration of rugged, rocky coasts, picturesque fishing harbors, and marinas stuffed with pleasure boats and sailing schooners. Here is a photo journey through some of our favorite towns!


Darling (and busy) downtown Camden.  

View of Camden from atop Mt. Battie … harbor on the left, town on the right
360 views of the Maine countryside from atop the mountain

Hiking to the top of Mt. Megunticook  (our longest hike yet!) – Camden sailboats in the background
Sailing on the completely-restored 57′ Schooner Olad
This region is known as the Boating Capital of New England.
Philip got to help raise the sails!
The colorwash on this pic looks like 1982, but I assure you this is 2019
Cellardoor Winery, in a restored 200-year-old barn


Historic lime kilns from the 1700’s.  After the war of 1812, these kilns produced lime shipped to Washington DC to rebuilt the Capitol.
Home of the famous “Andre the Seal”:  abandoned at birth, found, raised, and trained by a local fisherman before becoming a local celebrity about whom the Hollywood movie “Andre” was made (since passed away but lives on in our hearts)


A walk on the 0.8-mile long granite pier to Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

The huge boulders have been fit together like puzzle pieces!  However, cracks are still big enough that Sprinkles’ little feet slipped down between them a few times!
The Maine Lobster Festival brings the town from 7,200 to 75,000.
Semi-trucks full of local lobsters are brought in to satisfy long lines of hungry festival goers.

Brother from another mother?  Philip with King Triton.  There is also a parade and a Queen is crowned.  Relay races take place where they tie lobster crates together in the ocean and contestants try to run across the wobbly crates in record time (we didn’t participate — water 55 degrees).
The Lucky Charm got some new swag!


On a hiking trail, an unexpected surprise to find a series of multiple tiny fairy houses at the base of trees.

The Boothbay Footbridge leads to the most darling 1902 cottage over the water that has been a home, bridgehouse, art studio, gift shop and more.
Local legend says this house was used for smuggling rum during Prohibition, and there is a still a hidden trapdoor in the kitchen floor to this day.
A stonecarving competition was taking place.  Now that’s a hobby that takes patience.  Some of the competitiors came from as far away as Japan.

Midcoast Maine is one of the fastest growing brewery/distillery/wine scenes in the country.

(Disclaimer: those beer steins look enormous in the photo but they were actually just small tasters.)

Wrapping up our Mid-Coast experience, local fave band “The Boneheads” just happened to be performing in a converted-garage-turned-rec-center at our campground.

Happy RV’ers streamed from their campers with drinks in hand and danced the night away!

By far our strongest impression of Maine is that everyone is FRIENDLY and everyone is HAPPY.

Even the mailboxes give a warm greeting!

We’ve one last stop in Maine, the “big city” of Portland, where we’ll be for a full 8 days 

… practically permanent residents, as far as RV’ing goes!

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