About Us

We are Tessa & Philip Miller!

Thanks for your interest in our Charming Adventures!  Truth be told, we don’t actually think we’re all that charming (though our moms might disagree) … rather, we have continued with the “lucky charm(ing)” shamrock theme with both of our RV rigs.

RV’ing can be a lot of conflicting things all at once – fun, frustrating, rewarding, challenging, interesting, maddening – but most of all, it’s never dull! With a different location every 3-5 days and a well-researched list of things to see and do when we get there, the days fly by in a flurry of discovery.

With all of our four kids now grown, we try to be on the road for some combination of six out of every twelve months. Our sticks-n-bricks home is in Scottsdale, Arizona, where all of our family resides. Philip is still working in land development, but is able to do so from our rolling “satellite” office in the RV.

RV’ing is a way to enjoy all the comforts of home while visiting unique places and seeing amazing sights. Our “secret sauce” for success is ADVANCE PLANNING. It’s fun to imagine just going wherever the wind takes you on the spur of the moment, but in reality, the popularity of RV camping means you must generally book ahead by 6-12 months to secure campsites in the most ahhhhh-mazing places.

We continue to be inspired by others in the RV community, a generally friendly and welcoming breed. If we are not on the open road, we are dreaming about being on the road, or plotting and planning future adventures! We love to connect with other RV’ers, wanna-be RV’ers, past RV’ers, future RV’ers, and general U.S. travel lovers. Hope to hear from you via our Contact Form, or to meet you on the open road someday!

Tessa is proud to be a featured author for RV Destinations Magazine.

You can get more of a feel for us and our RV travel style in this 2020 La Mesa RV interview:

Meet Sprinkles, our Canine Co-Pilot!

Sprinkles is a spunky nine-year-old rescue pup. She’s the expert squirrel-hunter at every campground, and is always up for an adventure. Hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, she wants to do it all!

R.I.P. Bella

10/02/06 – 2/15/18
We lost our first, best travel buddy in 2018, but she is still with us in spirit on all of our trips.  “The Beast,” as she was known, was a loyal friend always.