Tag - 2018 Summer Adventure

Jackson, WY: Above It All … and Behind It All

With the Lucky Charm’s return visit to Jackson, Wyoming, we indulged in two wish-list adventures:  rock climbing “above it all” on a Via Ferrata course, and going “behind it all” at a real-life rodeo! “Via Ferrata” literally means “Iron Way” and in the 1800’s, alpine climbers started employing climbing aids such as iron pins and rungs to...

McCall, ID: Doin’ It All … in McCall!

After a brief swing through McCall, Idaho, last summer, we knew a return visit was in the cards!  In 2017, we stayed three days.  In 2018 … two weeks!  That’s how “taken” we were with this place, the mountain version of Goldilocks:  not too big/not too small, not too plain/not too fancy, not too boring/not too touristy...