Narragansett, RI:  Itty-Bitty Stop in an Itty-Bitty State

Leaving Connecticut, we popped into Rhode Island for an itty-bitty stop in an itty-bitty state. Exactly how itty-bitty? Well, you could fit 173 Rhode Islands into the state of Texas alone, and Alaska has four cities that are each bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island.  

Surrounded by the waters of Rhode Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean on the south, Narragansett is a sea-faring place filled with sturdy nautical vessels, semitrucks hauling fresh fish and lobster off to other land-locked locations, and places with names like Salty Brine State Beach.

The population here doubles in the summer, so we rejected the crowded state beaches and instead dipped our collective toes (and paws) into the Atlantic Ocean at the dog-friendly Camp Cronin Fishing Point.

From here, enjoy lovely views of the Point Judith Lighthouse, which cannot be visited due to being an active Coast Guard site, with sailboats and fishing trawlers and pleasure boats cruising by.

Where there is a lighthouse, there is sure to be danger. Accordingly, the Fishermen’s Memorial honors those who have lost their lives at sea here. Fishermen’s Memorial is also the state park in which to camp in this area.

We had previously visited Rhode Island on a (non-RV) trip in 2013, and so had no need to engage in two of the most popular activities in Rhode Island, easily accessible from Narragansett. A one-hour high-speed ferry to Block Island has visitors hopping onto a rented bike or moped to explore its historic brick buildings and shops, white-sand beaches and trails, and cliffside views.

It’s also only a 30-minute drive to Newport, RI, where spectacular “gilded age” mansions owned by the likes of Vanderbilts, Morgans, Rockefellers and Carnegies can be toured along the Cliff Walk Trail.

And with this stop in Rhode Island, we have officially RV’ed in 48 of the lower 48 states in the U.S.!  Happy Dance!! 

We started with this dream in 2013 – it took 11 years, but we made it! Everyone asks, “What’s next?” Well, probably go back to the beginning and start again! Still so much to see, so little time!

Thus concludes what is surely my most itty-bitty blog post in 13 years; perhaps you’re grateful for the brevity. From here, we turn back in a westwardly direction and point the RV toward the Hudson Valley of New York.


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