San Diego: The Simple Things

Our week spent in San Diego was probably not what you’d expect. Shows at Sea World, crowds at Mission Beach, “dogs not allowed” harbor cruises …. no, no, and no! Eschewing a mad dash from “thing” to “thing,” we instead basked in the simple things that make RV living — no matter where we go! — so appealing to us.

Simple … like chasing the waves (or being chased by them?) as the sun drops low into the sky over Ocean Beach.

Simple … like watching the equestrians ride their horses down the trail in our campground (which is so horse-friendly that many of the RV sites have their own corrals!).

Simple … like lazily exploring San Diego’s most walkable urban districts and areas on foot.

Simple … like a quiet mountaintop hike and picnic lunch 25 miles inland, in Poway.

Simple … like strolling the 1,200-acre Balboa Park and its many magnificent sights.

Simple … like making homemade pizza dough and firing up a custom-built pie in our Ooni propane pizza oven, right at the campsite.

Simple … like marveling at the hundreds (thousands?) of snails that emerged in our campground after a misty rain. Finn says, “tastes like chicken!” Ewww, Finn, nooooooo!

Simple … like stumbling upon the most exquisite homemade pasta (brie and proscuitto ravioli, and squid-ink linguine) at Liberty Public Market … seriously better than anything we’ve ever had, even in Italy.

Lastly, we were “simply” thrilled with our campground, Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, just 15 miles from downtown S.D. We could jump on the freeway and be in downtown lickedy-split, but still had all the solitude, peace, and outdoor recreation we could want, right there at the campsite.

Obviously, if you’ve never been to San Diego (like we had before, many times), your S.D. bucket list may be very different, and very long. For that, there are a myriad of online articles telling you where to go and what to do! But for us, even just finding a parking spot in this city of 1.4 million people, had us ready to retreat back to the safety of the RV each time.

But regardless if “city living” or “country camping” is your style, there’s no denying that San Diego’s cool breezes, California sunshine, and endless recreation are pretty hard to beat! After a week here, we’re leaving (eek!) the $6.19/gallon gas behind and heading back to Arizona and its relatively palatable $4.59/gallon! We’re heading to Southern Arizona and a first-ever, inauragural bicycle touring event in Sierra Vista, Bisbee and Tombstone, AZ!

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