RV Travel + Covid: All The Good Things!

“COVID” and “GOOD” don’t usually appear in the same sentence, but after 27 stops over 3 months throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and Texas during the early stages of the pandemic, we feel qualified to say there is at least a tiny bit of positive fallout!


We gained new skills. 

With trailhead and visitor center restrooms closed, we somehow avoided public indecency charges!

We learned to embrace uncertainty.

The fine art of flexibility is finally in our wheelhouse!

Gas was cheap!

When your RV gets 6 miles to the gallon, you do a tiny happy dance with every fill-up!

The National Park Service made us better humans, one clever message at a time.

Sending the right message, in the right way, one park at a time.

#maskingup of public art for the win.

Because you can’t be too sure who is contagious and who isn’t.

So many messages of hope and optimism.

Because everyone need all the encouragement we can get right now!

Ooooooh la la!

When you can’t count on much of anything, at least you can count on the soothing power of nature.

Big rig coming through!

Covid really put the “open” in “open road”!

Places that would normally be jammed with people, were ours-all-ours.

Like toddlers, we don’t really wanna share anymore!

We spent a lot more time with Sprinkles.

With most attractions closed, 24/7 doggy snuggles were a regular “thing”!

Lots more safe areas to bike ride!

Like, down the middle of deserted Main Streets, even in large towns!

Quaranting in an RV is easy … 

just be sure you have Netflix.

We saved a lot of money!

No admission fee, no problem.

Who needs restaurants anyway?

Not RV’ers, that’s for sure!

Less people = more wildlife.

Vehicle deaths of animals decreased by 58% during March and April!  Score for the critters!

Social distancing is easy in your very own RV!

If nobody can find you, nobody can infect you!

Outdoor recreation NOT cancelled!

In three months, we logged 164.58 miles hiking, 67.26 miles biking, and 8.75 hours kayaking.

American ingenuity on display at every turn!

A solution for every problem!

Someday Covid will all be just a faint, dumb memory!

We never knew what day it was or where we were going, but we’ll never forget the RV trip of 2020!

Now members of the “in-crowd”!

So-called “Covid Campers” and their newfound interest in road trips are expected to lead to 46 million Americans taking an RV trip in the next year.  Are there 46 million campsites available?  There sure are NOT!  So when competing in the future RV Reservation-Making Hunger Games … “may the odds be ever in your favor!”

A writer from Farmers Insurance researching this very topic, RV travels during Covid-19, interviewed us for a feature article. Here’s the article which appeared in May 2020!

They Love #RVLife. When COVID-19 Struck, This Couple Prepared for the Worst and Hit the Road for Three Months

Click here to read on!

So, what’s next for Elsie?

That’s a really good question!  Our reservation-making skills are already getting a little rusty, as advance planning has lost some of its luster. We have a six-week trip already booked for California in September and October, but are fully resigned to its cancellation, if the state of things continues to decline through the fall.  So where will Elsie be for the rest of the year?  Only God and Stupid-Covid TM  know for sure!

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