Breckenridge, CO: What Goes Up, Must Come Down! (Days 29-32 of 42)

We knew we were “down” to enjoy Breckenridge and surrounding towns, but didn’t realize how much “DOWN” we were in for, at this destination!  Not our mood — that was very “UP” thanks to the arrival of daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Sean for a few days. But we endured multiple sudden and unexpected DOWNpours, usually while stranded very very far from shelter!

We biked DOWNhill on Vail Pass (with the help of a shuttle to the top — 12 miles of pedal-less coasting — plus an additional 6 miles of “regular” biking, just so we could justify a huge lunch).  Sean summarized nicely, “We are up to pedal down, but not down to pedal up!”

We gazed DOWN on the town while hiking an extremely short portion of the Colorado Trail (a 486-mile trail that starts southwest of Denver and goes all the way to Durango), high above Breckenridge.

We crossed swollen streams by (semi-successfully) balancing on DOWNED logs.

We gazed DOWN on mountain bikers and hikers from the ski lift.

We cruised DOWN the Alpine Super Slide, a series of 3 different 2,600-foot-long tracks with dips and turns, at high speeds (and didn’t even poop our pants).

We went DOWN the Gold Runner Outdoor Coaster, which tosses you through hairpin curves and twists around and through the forest on 2,500 feet of elevated roller coaster track, while you sit on a teeny tiny toboggan thingy.  (Philip screamed like a little girl.  Don’t let him tell you he didn’t.)

We went DOWNtown for shopping and touristy stuff.

Let’s not forget good ole-fashioned DOWNtime in the RV with the doggies!

And then we felt DOWNtrodden because the Lucky Charm is definitely the shittiest rig in this expensive, high-end RV Resort.  Meet just a few of our neighbors.

And then lastly, I yelled at them for DOWNloading YouTube videos on their phones instead of enjoying my company on vacation. (Just kidding. They are probably looking at the weather forecast. Mayyyybe?)

All in all, it was a DOWNright doggone good time in Breckenridge!

We continue heading DOWN the road to the south for the last 10 days of the 2015 Summer Adventure, while Sarah and Sean fly back to Phoenix.  Tally-Ho!

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