Oregon 101: “Coast”ing Down The Highway!

Halfway through the trip, we left Hood River, Oregon, and headed to the northernmost and westernmost point of our trip … Chinook, Washington.  From there, Philip’s plan was to ride his bike all the way down the Oregon Coast over the course of seven days! Three weeks into our six-week adventure, and 1896 of 3718 miles have been “LOGGED” on the Lucky Charm’s odometer.  (That was a logging pun. Get it?  Logging is huge up here!)

This route down Highway 101 will be 370 miles, comprising a total rise and fall of over 16,000 feet, with more miles abutting the ocean along the official, non-creatively-named “Oregon Coast Bike Route” than in any other state.

Here are some of our favorite sights & stops along the way!

The Astoria-Megler Bridge

We are not so sure about a bridge that is being held together with duct tape.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Not a disappointment AT ALL!

Farmers Markets and Fish Stands = fresh-fresh-fresh dinners at the Lucky Charm.

Cheese and Ice Cream Factory #1 (LARGE)

Tillamook Cheese Factory, Tillamook, OR

Costco is not the only place with free samples!

Cheese and Ice Cream Factory #2 (SMALL)

Face Rock Creamery, Bandon, OR

You know it’s a small factory when they use farm implements to stir their cheese curds.

Heavenly, Deserted Off-Leash Beaches

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport (one of top ten small aquariums in the nation)

Sing along with Katy Perry … “He kissed a gill, and he liked it ….!”

Blowing and Breeching Gray Whales

As many as 16,000 whales migrate 6,000 miles from lower California to arctic feeding areas.

We saw 7 or 8 together from the Cape Perpetua overlook one morning.

Seeing, hearing, smelling (!!) hundreds of sea lions in the largest sea caves in the world

Hundreds outside sunning themselves …. then take an elevator 215 feet down to see those inside the caves.
This elevator measures in feet down, not floors!
Viewing gallery looking out to the sea lions … voyeurism at its finest
The bull and his harem … that’s what they call them.  One male will have up to 20 ladies vying for his affections! Philip said he could get used to that type of attention.


Because nothing says “Oregon Coast” like 22 life-sized dinosaurs.

Romance, Oregon-Style

Beautiful scenery galore!

Look at the little people for a sense of scale.


And then …. Oregon became just a wonderful memory.  Philip reached the end of the week and the end of his bike tour of the Oregon Coast.  It was a spectacular week and now it’s time to feel really small in Redwoods National Forest!  The Lucky Charm heads to California next …..



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