Bringing Baby Home

We had been eagerly awaiting this trip for almost a month since we ill-advisedly (while under the influence of a margarita or two) bought an RV over the Internet.  We had done enough research to know we wanted a Coachmen “Leprechaun” — however, Max and Philip concurred that no self-respecting heterosexual RV would want to be called a Leprechaun (tiny guy, small ears, pointy feet, green 70’s attire); so it became our “LUCKY CHARM” instead.

Is this really happening?

We flew to El Paso and were picked up by Frank from Sunland RV of Las Cruces, New Mexico.  How were we going to pay for it?  How were we going to learn to drive it?  Were we even going to enjoy it?  (Keep in mind neither of us had ever driven an RV prior to purchasing one.  Duh.)  All worries were forgotten, however, when we caught a glimpse of it shimmering in the sunlight.

Luis the mechanic spent four hours teaching us how to keep it happy and healthy.  Even … the dreaded “how to clean out the sewer line” instructions.  (I conveniently wandered away during this part, so that Philip remains the only one of us two who “knows how to do it.”)

“And so you take the doo-hickey and connect it to the whatchamajigger ….”

We spent that first night in Hacienda RV Park and while relaxing in their outdoor enormous jacuzzi, looking up at the myriad of stars in the sky, we toasted future adventures.  Then, we discovered that RV’s come standard with a mattress made of concrete.  Honestly, not even a homeless person would sleep on that.  Bedmart, here we come.

The next day, we took gorgeous backroads home and took turns driving, learning such important lessons as:

Bracing Yourself When A Semitruck Blows Past; Putting On Your Turnsignals Early Because Nobody Wants To Let You Pull Out In Front Of Them; and Keeping Your Balance While Making A Sandwich In The Back Of A Swaying RV.

We stopped at Casa Manana Mexican Restaurant in Safford, Arizona, which was fantastic and a nice break.  I had something new called a “CHALACA” …fresh masa formed into a bowl, deep fried, filled with green chili meat, beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese … yummy!!!

If I were you, I’d eat here too!

We continued home through Globe/Miami and Superior and were awestruck at the beauty.  The Lucky Charm was tucked into her home at Spur Circle.  Now begins the fun …. outfitting it for future Charming Adventures!

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