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Red, White, Blue & Yellow … Yellowstone, that is!

As an Arizona native, Fourth of July in Phoenix has always been a non-event for me. The jello salad melts immediately, the potato salad’s always at high risk for salmonella poisoning, friends look weird when viewed through a wavy heat haze.  Everything is just **too darn hot**!! That’s why we were so excited at the prospect of a full-scale, old...

Yellowstone, WY: Bison and Grizzlies and Elk, OH MY!

Ahhh, Yellowstone … the mythical, magical, iconic National Park and (most notably) the inspiration for Yogi Bear’s Jellystone.  Who hasn’t spent many a Saturday morning in their jammies on the fold-out couch eating Froot Loops and watching Yogi Bear antagonize Mr. Park Ranger Smith? Most importantly, we wanted to see some wildlife, dammit!  Cute...